Let’s Get Social

We had the privilege of being featured on a Facebook Live by the amazing Cole & Abbie. Our Mystery Boxes took centre stage and the entire unboxing of no less than 4 of our boxes was the subject of a live broadcast.

We waited, with baited breath and the responses were an absolute delight for us.  Our Mystery Boxes were very well received and the flurry of orders on the back of this kept us scurrying around like busy bees making honey.

For those who are new to this, Cole & Abbie are an absolutely amazing couple of influencers. They have developed a stunning following. Their following is extremely loyal, their content is extremely sincere and the numbers are just amazing:

TikTok – Over 3.2 million followers

Facebook – 1 million followers

Instagram – 272,000 followers

YouTube – 250,000 subscribers

If you want to watch either of the Live Broadcasts, please go ahead and click on the links below:

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