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We have a range of glasses for all occasions. The hospitality sector is well known for its variety and we have carefully selected a range of glassware for inclusion in this glassware special mystery box.
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Whether it’s wine glasses, champagne flutes or water glasses for a party, a home or even a catering establishment within the hospitality industry, we have you covered.Go ahead and make your selection. We will then pack the items with great care and send your new glassware gift box to you.

This would also make a great gift for someone who has just recently purchased a new house and you are looking for a housewarming gift.  Please, do see our Household mystery box items page for alternative housewarming gifts too.

These gifts will be suitable for the occasion and add a special sparkle to the day.

We are now happy to introduce our new glassware gift box.

If you know someone who will be celebrating a new house or home, we have the perfect surprise box gift for you.

Go ahead and order by clicking the button below.

Our Value Promise - Exceed the value of your gift spend! Everyone needs a little help & we love making a small contribution to your special occasion.

We believe that even in difficult times, giving a magical mystery gift box should be affordable. Making someone feel special is for everyone. That’s why we have created mystery boxes of varying values. There is something affordable for everyone, starting from just £29.99.

Our gift boxes service is professional, our deliveries are on time and where possible, we ship on the same day (for boxes ordered prior to 1 pm).

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