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We love nothing more than a beautiful and well-maintained garden. When the work is done and the sun is out, there’s nothing quite like sitting down in the garden for a well-earned rest.

Gardening is one of those hobbies that is peaceful, it’s rewarding and the feedback from our customers is that it’s one of those private & serene spaces, a place to just enjoy a drink and a smile. Everyone should be proud of their garden and love being in it.

Maybe your children love playing in the garden, or maybe you love growing your own veg, whatever your reasons are, we have put together a carefully thought-through mystery box just for you.

Does someone you know love their garden? Has someone been working in the garden for the last few weeks or months?

Give them the gift of our Gardeners Gift Box. Let them know you appreciate them or their hard work. It’s time to reward the gardeners and horticulturists among us.

Share the experience!

We encourage you to capture the opening on your phone and share it with friends & other family members who may be scattered in various parts of the country or even the world.

You can request our gift-wrapping service to enhance the experience.

Another popular category is the gardening gift box. This is an ideal gift for those gardeners in your life. Often, this is suitable for those who may be retired and take a huge amount of pride in keeping the garden in tip-top shape. The gardeners gift box is an ever-popular choice and while it’s largely a seasonal endeavour, we see that it’s as popular as any of the categories despite the seasonality.

One interesting trend we observe is that the Mystery Box for Gardens sells well just before the Winter ends as thoughtful gift-givers are thinking ahead and buying gifts for their loved ones that they know will be used throughout the gardening season.

Our Value Promise - Exceed the value of your gift spend! Everyone needs a little help & we love making a small contribution to your special occasion.

We believe that even in difficult times, giving a magical mystery gift box should be affordable. Making someone feel special is for everyone. That’s why we have created mystery boxes of varying values. There is something affordable for everyone, starting from just £29.99.

Our gift boxes service is professional, our deliveries are on time and where possible, we ship on the same day (for boxes ordered prior to 1 pm).

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