Car Accessories Mystery Box


Brands include:

  • AA (Automobile Association)
  • AutoPlus
  • Wonder Wheels (Auto Express Award Winner)
  • Destination
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Car & Auto Mystery Box

Our newest mystery box is designed especially for the car enthusiasts. We have a range of automobile related items and many car accessories all of which are general items, not limited to a particular vehicle manufacturer.  Our box is designed for all vehicles

If you or someone you know loves nothing more than taking the car , truck or van for a ride, but already has the bigger items when it comes to car care, then our box of assorted accessories is the perfect gift to give. It complements the vehicle accessories they already have and as always, we’ve taken great care to provide really good value.

The kinds of items you can expect to find in our car and automobile mystery box would typically include (but are not limited to) tyre shine and clean, dashboard wipes, car phone and chargers, soft foam cup holder that makes 1 cup into a holder for 3 (very useful with children in the car or for delivery drivers), an AA Tool and accessory kit, microfibre cloths, drinks cup,  an award winning upholstery sealer to protect the upholstery in the vehicle, seat belt pads for comfort, auto belt clips, tyre air pressure gauge, blind spot mirrors, child seats and a cooler / storage for the main passenger compartment.

The use reputable brands and in this case, both the AA which is one of the best automobile brands in the country and also Wonder Wheels which went on to win the Auto Express Product Award no less than 13 times. This is unrivalled in the world of car care.

If you know someone who really is a “petrolhead” and just loves his/her car, then this mystery gift box is for you. Show them some love and treat them for a special occasion. Maybe it’s a birthday or other occasion. It’s an unusual, fun and quirky mystery box.

As always, no 2 boxes in the same order, will be identical. However, duplication will definitely happen if you order subsequent boxes of the same category.

So go right ahead and create some fun memories. We encourage you to capture the opening on your phone and create some magical memories. Then you can share them with friends and family.

Make this a fun and special occasion to remember.

Our Value Promise - Exceed the value of your gift! Everyone needs a little help & we love making a small contribution to your special occasion.

We believe that even in difficult times, giving a magical mystery gift box should be affordable. Making someone feel special is for everyone.

That's why we have created mystery boxes of varying values. Something affordable for everyone is available. Our gift boxprices start from just £29.99.

Our gift boxes service is professional and consistently earned 5-star reviews shipped orders quickly, replied to messages, our deliveries are on time and where possible, we ship on the same day (for boxes ordered prior to 1 pm).

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