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Celebrating your staff, colleagues or even the boss is a fun & wonderful thing to do.  Staff & team morale is a massively under-appreciated part of the day-to-day routine and often, it’s the small gesture or recognition that makes an employee feel valued and special.

Does your team have a birthday coming up? Is it time to congratulate someone for a promotion? Did one of your friends win the employee of the month competition or perhaps you just won a huge new contract? Are you just celebrating someone 5-year work anniversary or maybe a 20th-year work anniversary?

Whether the team is 5 or 250+, let’s celebrate the wins together. Let’s show the hard-working members of the team that they are well & truly appreciated. We make it easy to say a big “thank you” and “job well done” for you.

Maybe it’s’ for your favourite client? Or supplier?

Here is how we can help:

Amazing Mystery Box surprise for the recipient
Make the day or even staff party a special occasion
Customised Messages for individuals
Delivery to different offices or locations where the company has multiple locations
Customise the experience as per your company’s requirements

Personalise the mystery box with a note on behalf of the whole team or the manager and let the whole team show their appreciation for someone who really makes a difference at work.

Every office has them, they are special people, maybe it’s for hard work? It could be for someone who just makes everyone feel good and always lifts the mood. It could be for the team joker who makes everyone laugh. It could be for the quiet, loyal and hardworking employee who is selfless and never asks for anything for her/himself. It’s time to show some love.

This is where we come in. Our Mystery Boxes make a perfect gift for a team member or work friend. Show your staff that you love them, show your team that they are truly appreciated & win their continuing loyalty for the long term.

Office & Staff Gift Box

Our most recent Mystery Box is the Mystery Box for Offices & staff. This is a perfect option for those who may have just started a new job or have larger teams where a member of the team may be celebrating a birthday or a promotion to a new role in the organisation. The Office Mystery Box was created as a superb way to allow HR Directors & Team leaders a way to celebrate their staff and to allow for some team fun. The boxes are perfect for team activity days and especially for office parties. We expect the Mystery Box for Office to be as popular, if not to supersede the popularity of some of our other categories.

Why Us?

We live for making these moments special. It’s what we do best, and we love playing our small part on your special day.

Feel free to personalise the gift using the comments section in the order and we will make sure that your special message is delivered along with your thoughtful gift for a job well done.

We encourage you to capture the opening on your phone and share it with friends & other family members who may be scattered in various parts of the country or even the world.

You can request our gift-wrapping service to give the present that extra special touch.

Make this a work occasion to remember.

Our Value Promise – Double the value of your gift spend! Whatever you spend, your box will have double the retail value! Everyone needs a little help & we love making a small contribution to your special occasion.

Our service is professional, our deliveries are on time and where possible, we ship on the same day (for boxes ordered prior to 1 pm)

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Why Us?

The og of online gifts

In Business Since 2013

We've been going since 2013. We started out with a shop in Birmingham. Today, we have a 5 acre warehouse full of gifts, presents & surprises just waiting to find their way to your loved ones.

super-Fast Delivery

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We partner with major delivery companies. That gives confidence and it means gifts are in very reliable & trustworthy hands. All our parcels can be tracked for your peace of mind.
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What’s In The Box?

Having nurtured relationships for the last 10 years. Our supplier list varies from Yankee Candle to Star Wars & Marvel, from Zippo to Stanley, from Peppa Pig to Hello Kitty, the list goes on. Over 500+ at present but always evolving

Proud to be a UK company

Proud to be a UK company

We started out in Birmingham, and have a 100,000-square-foot warehouse in Stoke-on-Trent. We plan to expand throughout the UK. We take pride in being a British business.

our Unique "Double Your Money" Promise

Where we are truly unique is in the value. We double the value of your spend. It's our unique guarantee.  This is achieved through economies of scale. We simply buy in bulk for our 5-acre warehouse site & pass on the savings to you, our loyal customers.

Every Mystery Boxes you purchase will have an RRP of double the price!

A £19.99 Box will have a £39.99 RRP value

A £19.99 Box will have a £39.99 RRP value

A £29.99 Box will have a £59.99 RRP Value

A £29.99 Box will have a £59.99 RRP Value

A £49.99 Box will have a £99.99 RRP Value

A £49.99 Box will have a £99.99 RRP Value

This way, you know you’re getting value for money.

We love return shoppers, and we love superb reviews!

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Value Guarantee – Double Your Money

We put a lot of thought into our offering. These days, everyone loves a bargain, and we all love value for money.

We will double your money!

Whatever you spend, the retail value will be double. You can’t ask for better than that!

So, what’s the secret? We simply source from a huge range of suppliers globally and then we use our buying power to achieve economies of scale. Put simply, we buy large quantities in bulk and we pass the savings over to you!

Our unique Value Guarantee will be to double your money.

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Whether you're looking for a birthday gift, an anniversary present, or just something to brighten someone's day, our mystery boxes are the perfect choice. They make for a memorable and unique gift that is sure to be appreciated.

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