What’s In the Box?

The contents of the box are designed to be a surprise.

The box will be created with your requirements, whether it’s a birthday box, anniversary, etc.

We do, however, promise a “exceeds your money” value on each box. You can rest assured that whatever you spend on your chosen mystery box, we will send a box with a minimum that exceeds the value within it.

We will focus more on the value of what’s in the box, rather than the specific number of items but we will have a general guideline.

We have boxes to suit all budgets and so whether its’ £20 or £100, that’s entirely up to you! We just love sending the gifts to you & your loved ones.

If I order 2 boxes or more, will the contents be the same?
While we make every effort to ensure that your mystery box shop experience is a unique one, due to stock availability at any given time and demand, it is possible that there is duplication among the boxes. Please, take note of this at the time of ordering.
Can I Customise My Mystery Box?

The nature of the mystery box is that it’s a suprise. We cannot take customised requests as the box is created with what items we have in stock at the time of the order.  However, you can add gift wrapping at an additonal cost.

Therefore, when you order your box, you accept that the box will be created using items of stock we have.

The Best Audience for Our Mystery Box?

Who are the Mystery Boxes suitable for?

 Our boxes are designed for all ages. Anything from children right through to grandparents. 

Our audience is a general audience, and we have a fantastic selection of mystery gift boxes for all occasions.

This will include quirky & fun items, household items, tech & gadgets, beauty items, garden items, items for pets.  We also have themed items from  well-known brands like Marvel or Disney to lesser-known providers of everyday items.

The Mystery Boxes are to be enjoyed by anyone who has something to celebrate or just wants to give a gift. They are perfect for when you want to treat yourself and generally have some fun.  They are also ideal for a company wanting to reward an employee or a team and they are a lot of fun to give & receive.

Will The Mystery Box contain Alcohol or Food items?

No. Our boxes are designed not to contain any edible or alcohol items inside.

Are the Mystery Boxes Suitable for children?

Children are a particular speciality of ours. We have a vast inventory of items suitable for children of all ages. Our Mystery Boxes make a perfect gift for your child or for a nephew, or a friend’s children.

We find that they make a wonderful addition to a children’s birthday party for those attending. They can become the main event or complement the party structure.  The children in attendance have such fun and love receiving their Mystery Boxes.  The parents go home incredibly happy, and a fun day is had by all. 

We love the feedback and we hope to continue being the chosen provider of children’s party Mystery Boxes for many years to come.

Can I Order the Mystery Box for the Recipients’ House?

Yes. We can ship to anyone, anywhere in the UK. Pls, provide the shipping address at the point of checkout and we will gladly send the gifts on your behalf.

Your Delivery & Returns

How long is the typical delivery?
Typically, it may take up to 5 working days. However, on occasions of high demand, this can be as much as 2-4 weeks (we only experience this when we have a particular marketing or influencer event but we want you to be aware of this). Typically, however, the mystery boxes are dispatched within 5 working days.
Free Shipping

Shipping is free of charge.

The Returns Policy

As people have individual tastes, there is absolutely no guarantee that you will like everything in the box. This is the very nature of a mystery box in the same way it was with the lucky bags purchased as a child. Returns are not offered in the case that you purchased a box and simply didn’t like everything in it. That’s a possibility at the time of purchase and we ask you to consider your purchase before making it.

Damaged Good or Leaks in boxes: A replacement is offered where goods are broken and may have have been damaged in transit. In this case, please take a photograph of the item, along with your order number and email this to [email protected]. Our team will receive it, and where appropriate, take the necessary action to rectify the situation for you.

The address for the purpose of your return item is:
381 Ladypool Road
B12 8LA

Please, use a signed parcel delivery service only, to ensure we receive it. Please, attached a clear label at the top saying: FAO – The Mystery Box Shop HQ (to ensure the recipient at our designated address forwards it to us. Upon receipt of the mystery box, we will follow up with you.

We require your notification within 14 days of receiving your order.

You will be required to meet the cost of the shipping for the return.

We require a “signed for” delivery of your return so that you have proof it’s been sent and we have proof that it’s been received.

Each item within the mystery box must be unopened & unused, in the very same condition it was sent in (brand new). If any item is opened/damaged, then we will have to deduct the value of this item from the refunded amount to cover the cost

Any refund will only cover the items in the Mystery Box. Additional items will not be covered where the service has already been provided (i.e. gift-wrapping, etc).


Our team will receive your return and verify the contents and conditions. After this, we will process the refund of the items to you.

Please, allow 5 working days after the delivery is received to allow the team to investigate and process it.

Payment will be sent to your account through the purchase method within 5 working days after this.